Landscaping Irritation
Complete Landscaping Services

A&F is a full service landscaping company that can construct all of your outdoor projects. This means you only have to plan your project once and A&F will coordinate and oversee all of the crew members to achieve your desired outdoor living space. This avoids multiple contractors, redundant planning, errors and frustration with the project.

Our Process

Free estimates and initial landscape consultation Detailed scale landscape plans available based on real property reports Detailed competitive quotation with a price guarantee Professional installation by our Certified Technical Landscaping crew Site and street clean up as required

Landscape Planning & Design

For large projects A&F uses full size 24" x 36" drawings to accurately estimate costs and provide a visual plan of the finished landscape. By starting from a plan costly mistakes can be avoided and the construction process can be carried out in the correct order.

Custom Projects

With many years of experience and our combined knowledge almost any custom project is possible. We know the right materials to use for very unique applications and with our extensive supplier network your custom project can be quickly created.


Our equipment ranges from small to large to ensure your project is completed correctly and on time. Our smallest machines are only 36" wide and can fit through most regular size gates. The largest machines we can provide are trucked onsite with a flat deck transport truck and can tackle almost any size of boulder or excavation project you require.
A&F offers a complete line of irrigation services including:
Irrigation Design Irrigation Installation Irrigation maintenance spring start-up Fall winterization blowout.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is an essential part of a healthy eco-system for many constructed landscapes, as it provides the right amount of water and other nutrients for turf grass, plants, and trees . A&F can map a scale drawing of your property to accurately plan and construct the perfect irrigation system for your requirements.

Our Process

Irrigation design and water pressure calculations Sprinkler head selection and placement Drip line installation for plantings Controller wiring and installation Valve box plumbing and exterior Blue-Lock water line installation Installation of interior water supply lines and valves by our certified plumber

Save Water - Spray Nozzles

A&F installs Hunters MP Rotators that give one of the best water coverage patterns while using less water. These nozzles can also be installed on older systems with a possible water saving of up to 30%.

Quality Products - Pipe & Fittings

A&F installs new Blue-Lock Pipe and fittings. This pipe and fittings are rated at almost twice the pressure as conventional black poly pipe and can save costs on maintenance. As part of our commitment to using quality products A&F installs Blue-Lock at no additional cost to the conventional systems.

Smart Solutions - Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is the perfect way to water small plantings, shrubs and trees. This type of drip system can be located under mulch or gravel providing water to the roots where it is needed most. By using the regulated drip line the correct amount of water is distributed under the surface, saving water that would be wasted by evaporation. With the drip system water distribution is not altered by plant growth like spray watering.